Our Stone Selection

Katikati Stone
Predominantly a blue-grey in colour with larger stones having flat brown faces.

Katikati Stone Flats
The stone flats come in a variety of sizes mostly up to 75mm thick, an ideal stone for small retaining walls and pillars. It is also suitable for crazy paving.

Matatoki Stone
A very dark grey stone with some rust coloured faces. Ideal for retaining walls and can be cut into large corner stones.

Blue River Stone
Predominantly a blue grey in colour, sizes of stones up to 300mm.

Multi River Stone
Comes in a wide range of colours from all shades of grey and browns, also a wide range of sizes. 

Bombay Blue Stone
Predominantly blue grey in colour. This example shows very tight joints laid as a dry stone effect.

Autumn Stone
This Bay of Plenty stone has all the colours of late autumn, giving a real feeling of warmth to this stone.

All the stones above are from the North Island. Styles and type of stones can be changed to suit.

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Our Stone Selection