A World of Stone Ltd are recommended masons for Hyde Stone, Alexandra Schist, West Coast Schist, Tudor Stone and Paradise Stone offering services in Tauranga, Hamilton Bay of Plenty, Taupo and Waikato regions.

These are a few of the most commonly used colours of Schist, other colours such as Gold Schist, Blue Schist and Green Schist are also available to view at our showroom.

South Island Hyde Stone
This lovely old schist exposes a silvery colour with vellum texture. Available in grey or brown. 
Alexandra Brown Schist
The iron in this schist oxidizes over time creating the rich earthy reds, browns and plum tones.
Poolburn Schist
Predominately a grey, black and brown colour with a tight grain running through giving a woody look.
Alexandra Brown/Poolburn Schist Mixed
Alexandra Brown and Poolburn used together to add extra colour, texture and variety.
West Coast Hari Hari Schist
Predominately grey with some light brown colouring, it has a smooth grain with glistening micas scattered throughout.
West Coast Waitaha Schist
With a consistent grey tone providing an excellent texture to both interior and exterior features. 
North Island Paradise Schist
This is a sedimentary limestone, predominately grey in colour with some blue and brown tones.

Gibbston Schist

This schist from Central Otago has a light grey colouring with fine quartz layers it also has some light brown tones